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Foto-ID system

For organizations of all sizes

A Photo ID-system consists of four components:

  • Software, necessary to design cards and communicate with printer and camera.
  • Digital- or web camera with software
  • Fargo printer to produce colorful, durable Photo ID-cards
  • Lightening system for optimal photo quality

It you don't want to manage and print cards using your own system you can always order your finished Photo-ID cards from neXus.

neXus photo ID software

neXus makes its own software for designing your organization’s badges. An easy-to-use photo ID program that displays a copy of the finished card for correction and review. Add personal information and choose desired layout for card, save and then simply print your secure and reliable company ID card. Can be applied to basically any encoder, scanner or camera.

The built in system for designing makes it possible to cut and edit the text, change the logo, pictures and/or graphics in any conceivable way. For instance, by gathering various information from the database, combined with a suitable layout, a list of the employees at a specific department, and photos, you can create a personnel database with search function. .

There's virtually no learning curve or maintenance. You can be up and running with a fully functional system from day one.

Camera___ PowerShot-SX110-IS-B-FSL.jpg

Canon megapixel digital camera or a webcam is included in the package. If choosing digital camera you will receive an adaptor and a camera stand for better photo quality.


Photo lightening equipment

Using lightening equipment when photographing your personnel makes a big difference in quality and provides you with better results. To obtain a professional looking and confidence-inspiring company photo-ID you need to focus not only on the layout of the card, but also the level of quality of the photos. Therefore, we highly recommend companies, independent of size, to use our lightening equipment when photographing the staff. Our kit is designed and built for dependable use, ease of operation & portability.



neXus complete lightening system consists of:

  • Background

  • 2 large tripods

  • 1 small tripod (for background lightening)

  • 3 spotlights (of which one is for the background)

  • 3 mounts

  • 3 extra fluorescents for the spotlights

Please contact us for more information or short introduction of how to set up and use your equipment for maximal performance.

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